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King Thranduil is a main character and brief antagonist in The Hobbit. Thranduil is the king of Mirkwood and ruler of the Elven realm.


Thranduil is born in Mirkwood to his father, Oropher. However, he is young when his father is killed in battle during the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. He takes over as king, marries and has a son. However, his wife dies when Legolas is very young. Thranduil raises his son alone, and hardly ever talks about his wife to Legolas.

At an unknown point, Thranduil forms an alliance with Thror. His necklace somehow ends in Thror's possessions. Thranduil goes to get the gems, but Thror never lets Thranduil have his wife's necklace.

One day, their peace was ended when Smaug took control of the Lonely Mountain and destroyed Dale. Not wanting to risk his family to the Dragon, Thranduil turned his back on a mournful Thorin and his family, leaving Thorin to have a great mistrust in elves.



  • In Sindarin, Thranduil's name means "vigorous spring." [1].

Character Notes

  • Thranduil is one of the older characters ever known in Middle-earth Film Trilogy, along with Galadriel, Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast.
  • He is the second king of Mirkwood, after king Oropher.
  • Thranduil is the reason why Thorin despised Elves.

  • Lee Pace is actually two years younger than Orlando Bloom, who portrayed his character's son, Legolas

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